Saturday, April 4, 2009

San Francisco

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We met up w/ Jenny's brother, Arthur for a night of festivities! Trekking down town in the financial district of San Fran.

Dinner (mid-afternoon) w/ our 'rip-off of a quasi -tour guide' at an Irish pub.

Discussing where to next..? Our new acquaintance mentioned that he worked for Sephora (and, no he didn't have any free make-up handouts) but would gladly give us a tour around the town. We all met up on the ferry.

Breakfast at our little B&B. The owners were so friendly and had a piano that we even entertained ourselves with music and singing (okay, the singing may not have been that great :D )


Being vet...
Evening out and about...
Jessie's crazy, drunk cat!

Jessie taking care of and being vet to the horses on the ranch she worked for in TX.
Dinner was great, wine, olives, cheeses of sorts - choc. for dessert (what more can you ask for)?

Don't ask - excited to get out of the vehicle on our little road-trip.

After a toast to 'good times'!

San Diego

Some shopping in La Jolla... Evening out in the Gaslamp district...

At the 'Living Room' in La Jolla for an afternoon dessert and coffee!

La Jolla coastline..beautiful.

Closer towards evening..such a pastel blend of complementing colors.

Viewing our companion balloon through the evening sky.
Overlooking west coast once taking off from Del Mar. So, quiet and calm once into the atmosphere. View over much of the real-estate and Rancho Santa Fe area.

Increasing the altitude - our guide was interesting and explained much of the maneuvering capabilities of the balloon (all dependent on directional wind/ground speed, of course).

Before taking off.

Deb, Sheena and myself hangin' out in San Diego.
At Hotel Del Coronado.

Sunset in SD.

Catching a biker on the way down while hiking the Torrey Pines trails...

View from Torrey Pines highest point (overlooks Del Mar).


The national museum in Prague. We couldn't get in the one day as the set of cameras/production eqpt. were all on site for filming. We later found out it was for the 'Casino Royale' movie...which used the bldg. as one of their many backdrops.

Laura w/ the castle guard (he could've gotten into trouble) as he checked to make sure no one else was around for the picture...
Near the Church of 'Our Lady before Tyn' in the city-center.
Looking to the St. Nicholas cathedral...
The medieval town of Kutná Hora is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site which gained huge wealth thanks to its prosperous silver mines, and became the second most important town in the Kingdom of Bohemia, after Prague. A uniquely amazing sight is the baroque ossuary in nearby Sedlec, decorated with the bones of some 40,000 people. The decorations even include a human bone chandelier.

Charles Bridge by night..rare sight to capture hardly any tourists (mid-Jan.)

Steps towards the Hradcany castle area.

View looking towards Old Town and Charles bridge which crosses the river Vltava.

City-center; Prague.
Hradcany castle.
Charles Bridge to Old Town.

Astronomical clock.

Ornate building / architecture.